Top Killer
Sieje Mak 13 murders
Daily Monster
OGRE LORD17% more experience
Top Level
Ka Boom Level 176
Powerfull Guild
0 frags
Frequently Asked Questions

What is ..

Premium Account 100,000 gold coins (100k) npc Dufi (with create new account you have 7 days free)
Promotion price 20,000 gold coins (20k)
Amulet of Loss price 35,000 gold coins (35k)
Mana fluid price 100 gold coins
Life fluid price 55 gold coins
Daily Monster Every server save a monster will be selected with a random bonus of experience
Level to bid a house Level 25
Frequence of house rent Weekly

How to ..

Share experience in party Click in your character if you are a party leader and choose the option
Pay the house rent Put the rent value in the LOCKER in respective DEPOT of house town.
Start a task You can start in every temple NPC. Check your task status in your character profile.
Buy a house Use the command in-game !buyhouse in the front of the main door.
Make runes Say the spell related to the rune (look in spell list). Don't need soul points and blank runes
Start training Say !train inside the temple.

Server Information

Experience starts in 25x Stages table
Skills 6x
Magic 3x
Loot 3x
PVP Style Enforced (Experience points by killing other players with a range of 75 levels between killers and victims to receive experience reward)
Daily kills to red skull 4
Weekly kills to red skull 12
Monthly kills to red skull 30
Daily kills to banishment 6
Weekly kills to banishment 20
Monthly kills to banishment 40


All vocations 20 health points each 3 seconds - 20 mana points each 3 seconds
Soft Boots 20 health and 20 mana points each 1 seconds
Hyper Run Boots 20 health and 20 mana points each 1 seconds and +20 speed
Golden Helmets 5 health and 5 mana points each 1 seconds
Ring of Healing 2 health and 2 mana points each 1 seconds
Life Ring 1 health and 1 mana points each 1 seconds